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WuXi Biologics strength is its highly experienced leadership team. Each senior executive brings over 15 years of industry experience in biologics discovery, development, manufacturing and testing.

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Chris Chen, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Biologics Service

Over 15 years of experience in bioprocess development, scale-up, manufacturing and quality. Formerly CEO of Shanghai Kanda; COO of Shanghai Celgen; Director of Process Science & Production at AME (now Eli Lilly), Manager of BioProcess Technology at Merck. Ph.D. from University of Delaware.

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Weichang Zhou, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Biologics Development & Manufacturing

Over 20 years of biologics development and manufacturing experience. Previously Sr. Director of Commercial Cell Culture Development at Genzyme, Sr. Director of Process Sciences and Engineering at PDL Biopharma, and Associate Director of Fermentation and Cell Culture at Merck. Postdoc at University of Minnesota, DECHEMA and ETH Zurich. Ph.D. from University of Hannover, Germany.

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Jing Li, Ph.D.
Vice President, Biologics Discovery

Over 19 years of experience in biologics discovery, strong experience in leading mab discovery projects from ideas to early clinical development at Novartis and Wyeth, program team leader for critical mab projects, formerly Assoc. Director at Novartis and Sr. Scientist at Wyeth. M.D., Ph.D. from Peking University and MBA from Yale University.

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Jiawen Han, Ph.D.
Vice President, ADC Technology

Over 15 years of experience in biologics drug discovery. Previously Director of Biologics Discovery in the Innovation Center China, AstraZeneca in Shanghai. Head of ADC projects at ImmunoGen, Inc. and Director of peptide drugs at Aileron Therapeutics. Received his M.D. from Peking University Health Science Center and Ph.D. from University of Rochester.

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Wei-Chun (Wesley) Wang, Ph.D.
Vice President, Process Development

Over 24 years of process & product development experience in biopharmaceutical industry.  Previously Scientific Director, Commercial Analytical Science Team Leader at Amgen, Senior Scientist at Immunex and Senior Research Investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Postdoctoral Fellow in the Glycobiology/Chemistry program at La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, California (now Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute), Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Georgia.

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Gang Huang, Ph.D.
Vice President, Analytical, Formulation & Regulatory

Over 16 years of industry experience in the U.S. including 14 years of biopharmaceutical experience at Amgen as Scientific Director in Process & Product Development. Leading cross-functional process and technology development teams and analytical development of innovative protein products and biosimilars. Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue.

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Jian Dong, MBA
VP & Site Head of Biomanufacturing

Over 25 years of experience in biomanufacturing, technology transfer, quality, and process development. Formerly Vice President at Unilab Bioscience and Celgen, Sr Process Engineer at Lilly.

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Paul Liu, Ph.D.
Vice President, Biosafety Testing

Over 25 years of experience in bioprocess development and GMP manufacturing in U.S. and China.  Previously with Merck and Nektar. Most recently was CTO at Livzon Mabpharm and CTO/Co-founder of Shanghai Henlius Biotech. Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Delaware.

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Jerry Xu, Ph.D.
Vice President, Quality Assurance

25 years of experience in large and small molecule DS and DP, GMP QA and regulatory affairs. Previously with US FDA,  Wyeth/Pfizer, and Genzyme. Founded Shanghai Fleecon Biomedical Inc. in 1996 and served as President until 2001. Ph.D. from Northeastern University.

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PK Tsai, Ph.D.
Vice President, Alliance Management

Over 30 years of U.S. experience in Analytical Development and Quality Control of biologics and vaccines. Extensive experience in managing CROs. Formerly Sr. Investigator at Merck. Ph.D. from University of Minnesota.