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WuXi Biologics maintains 460,000 sq. ft. of commercial drug substance and drug product cGMP manufacturing facilities in addition to our extensive existing CMC development and clinical manufacturing capabilities. The commercial manufacturing campus is just down the street from our existing clinical manufacturing site in Wuxi city.

The new facility accommodates 2 x 1000L disposable bioreactors for perfusion processes and is the largest perfusion biologics manufacturing facility to date in Asia implementing disposable bioreactors (see press release). To learn more about our perfusion manufacturing capabilities including case studies see this webinar.

Beginning in late 2017 this campus will begin operating 14 x 2000L disposable bioreactors for fed-batch production of monoclonal antibodies, bi-specific antibodies, Fc-fusion proteins and other recombinant proteins produced from mammalian cell culture. The fed-batch production facility is currently the world’s largest commercial manufacturing facility utilizing single-use/disposable bioreactors (see press release).