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We operate three sites in China (Wuxi, Shanghai and Suzhou), all conveniently located within driving distance from each other. Our world-class facilities in Wuxi and Shanghai are designed pursuant to global regulatory standards and in compliance with cGMP regulations, which enables us to simultaneously advance in parallel the development and registration of innovative biologics and biosimilars for both China and overseas markets. See below for a summary of our three sites.

  • Commenced Operations in October 2011
  • Total facility space of 17,748 sq. m.
  • One of the world’s first facilities with an integrated platform spanning biologics drug discovery to late-phase (phase III) clinical development
  • One of the world’s largest biologics development laboratories


Wuxi City
  • Commenced Operations in October 2012
  • Total facility space of 15,296 sq. m.
  • Capable of entire single-use disposable operation
  • ISPE “Facility of the Year” Honorable Mention Award
  • One of the world’s first facilities using fully disposable bioreactors
  • Have been cGMP compliant since 2012

  • Commenced Operations in December 2014
  • Total facility space of 10,116 sq. m.
  • The first non-government affiliated biosafety testing facility in Asia