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Technologies & Platforms

Development of functional or potency assays is one of the most challenging aspects of biotherapeutic development.  WuXi Biologics has a staff of over 20 experienced scientists dedicated to the development and optimization of cell-based bioassays.  This team has developed over 29 potency methods and utilizes WuXi-patented technologies to streamline your bioassay development needs.

MAb Functional Assays

Below are several bioassays developed specifically for monoclonal antibodies. Contact us to see the full list of bioassays developed by our expert team or to see how we can support your potency assay development.

Fab functional characterization
  • Antigen-binding assay (ELISA, SPR)
  • Cell binding assay (FACS, ECL)
  • Proliferation assay
  • Cellular apoptosis/cytotoxicity assay
  • Cytokine release assay
  • Neutralization assay
  • Endocytosis and internalization assay
  • Phagocytosis assay
  • Luciferase reporter gene assay
  • Adhesion and migration assay
  • Antigen-specific immune response and its regulation

Fc functional characterization
  • FcγR binding assay (ELISA, SPR)
  • FcRn binding assay (ELISA, SPR)
  • CDC & ADCC