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Antibody Drug Conjugates

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  • Search the most cutting-edge literatures in academic and industrial fields, evaluate the feasibility and apply them to the current platform.
  • Lead cell line development groups for various projects. Recruit, train and supervise scientists to provide best quality services.
  • Manage project workflow to ensure on time delivery: from initial planning, staffing, to experiment execution, data evaluation and trouble shooting.
  • Communicate results and address issues regularly with colleagues.
  • Develop new technologies/capabilities, improve efficiencies, and expand service scopes.
  • Develop people and retain top performers.


  • MS with 5+years or PhD with 2+years of cell line development or genome engineering with mammalian systems. Industry experience is preferred.
  • Fluent English (at least reading and writing) is highly preferred.
  • Strong project management track record. Demonstrated quick problem solving ability
  • Excellent communication and good interpersonal skills, work well with diverse team members.
  • People management talent is a must. Management experience with teams greater than 5 people is preferred.

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