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WuXi Biologics’ most valuable resources are our employees. We strive to provide every employee with a strong company culture and a working environment for which they can learn and improve as working professionals.

Our approach to employee development and career progression focuses on developing well-rounded technical and business leaders through multiple career paths. We offer progression as an individual contributor, a technical expert or through a managerial career path.

WuXi Biologics’ employees build depth and breadth in the organization through a variety of experiences including cross functional teams, stretch assignments, key projects and initiatives, and rotational assignments. We partner this with strong mentorship and on-going training programs to provide every employee with the opportunities to develop and grow their career at WuXi.


As a global company with employees around the world, we operate across cultures and serve a broadly diverse client base. We believe that success in our global marketplace requires that we create a corporate culture and an inclusive business environment of talented individuals, with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences. The collaboration of varied cultures and perspectives in our organization differentiates us as an employer and a company well positioned to meet the needs of our global clients.

Career opportunities at WuXi Biologics

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Our Culture

 Integrity & Dedication

Put Customers First

Exceed customers’ expectations, maximize the value for our customers, and win customers’ loyalty with a 100% customer retention rate.

Demonstrate Integrity

Take the initiative to promote a positive work environment where doing the right thing is the standard. Be positive and enthusiastic, approach challenges with energy and optimism.

Strive for Excellence

Pursue focus and expertise, and optimize processes in order to deliver excellent results. Relentlessly drive learning, accumulation, improvement and innovation.

Execute for Results

Drive effective execution of each project and objective, focusing on solutions and results.

Pursue Collaboration and Teamwork

Engage in collaboration and mutual development with an open and win-win mindset by sharing resources and leveraging the complementary advantages of each.

Embrace Change and Drive Innovation

Demonstrate flexibility and ability to embrace change. Adapt quickly to transformational and innovative conditions with a strong commitment to breakthroughs and development.