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  • The candidates will have extensive theoretical knowledge as well as bench level experience in the identification and characterization of mAb using various techniques, such as library display (e.g. yeast, phage, etc), B- cell cloning and NGS method
  • The candidate will be responsible for establishing and executing novel antibody discovery platform for generating antibody leads.
  • The candidates will have good organizational and documentation skills and the ability to plan and simultaneously execute multiple antibody discovery projects.
  • Industry experience is strong preferred but not absolutely required for the position.


Basic Qualifications:

  • MS with > 5 years or PhD with > 2 years of relevant experience in therapeutic antibody lead generation through cell-based methods. Expertise in one of the following areas:
  • B cell repertoire analysis using Next Generation Sequencing and molecular biology for antibody discovery.
  • Hand on experience on cell culture and B cell cloning techniques for antibody discovery.
  • Experience in the development of novel antibody discovery platforms.
  • FACS sorting , single cell RT-PCR or B cell culture.

A strong motivation in pursue science in drug discovery.

  • Adaptable and productive in a fast-paced environment
  • Good communication skills required, including writing notebooks and presentation in English.
  • Strong team-working spirit and excellent communication and inter-personal skills. PhD or equivalence in biomedical/ pharmaceutical science with at least 5 years experience in pharmaceutical/biotech industry in preclinical development with strong toxicology expertise.
  • Doctor degree in related Life Science subjects with >2-3 years related experience, or Master degree with > 5 years of industrial experience.
  • Knowledge in immunology,especially B cell immunology.
  • Applied knowledge of library construction and library display.
  • Experience in antibody affinity maturation or humanization.
  • Proficiency in applications of deep sequencing technologies.


Primary Location: China – Shanghai

To apply please send your application to