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About Two Minute Tuesday (TMT) Videos

Keck Graduate Institute and WuXi Biologics have teamed together to provide technical training videos for the bioprocessing industry.  Because we know you are busy working professionals we have condensed these videos into 2-3 minute segments dedicated to a particular topic.  We will deliver via email every Tuesday another topic for you to peruse at your leisure.  Whether you are new to or have several years’ experience working in the biologics industry and regardless if you are a research scientist/engineer or C-Level executive, these short videos can quickly get you up-to-speed in understanding the complexities of biologics drug development and manufacturing. To watch more of these videos see below our Two Minute Tuesday training video archive.

Biosafety Risk Mitigation and Viral Safety

Biosafety Risk Mitigation Plan Overview

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 1

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 2

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 3 – Viral Clearance Validation


Introduction to Viral Safety Part 4 – Low pH Inactivation

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 5 – Detergent Inactivation

Introduction to Viral Safety Part 6 – Nanofiltration


Coming Soon


Expert Interviews on Bioprocess Validation with Shawn Latham

Maintaining a Validated State in Bioprocessing

Recent Changes in Bioprocess Validation

Early Stage Bioprocess Validation

Validation Considerations Beyond the Process


Expert Interviews on The Use of pH Probes for Bioprocessing with Robert Garrahy

pH Probe Selection and Set-up

When & Where to Use Reusable/Disposable pH Probes

Calibration of pH Probes


Chemically Defined Media

Understanding Chemically Defined Media


Expert Interviews on Chemically Defined Media with Tom Fletcher

When & Where to Optimize Cell Culture Media

Benefits of Using Chemically Defined Media

Impact of Chemically Defined Media on Quality

Differences and Roles of Feed & Growth Media


Cell Culture Optimization

The Impact of Mixing on Cell Culture

The Impact of Sparging on Cell Culture

The Impact of Aeration on Cell Culture Part 1

The Impact of Aeration on Cell Culture Part 2

The Impact of pH on Cell Culture

Understanding the Role of Dissolved C02 & C02 on Cell Culture


Bioprocessing Cell Culture Overview

Mammalian Cell Culture Overview