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Research Materials Generation

WuXi Biologics offers extensive research materials generation capabilities for the production of high-quality control antibodies, target proteins and antigens, and target and tool cell lines for immunization, bioassays, and candidate screening and other biologics discovery applications and research purposes. Additional R&D materials generation capabilities include: reagent labelling, protein engineering, protein bioconjugation, target cell line characterization, cell surface protein quantification, in-cell biotinylation, protein analytics and product or cell line stability assessment.

To learn more about our target protein generation capabilities and rapid, high-quality antibody and recombinant protein production platforms, Click here.

WuXi Biologics offers stable cell pool and stable cell line generation for membrane protein expression in mammalian cells. We have extensive experience in target cell line generation including challenging target proteins, such as GPCRs (G Protein-Coupled Receptors), ion channels, co-expressing cell lines, and reporter gene cell line generation


  • Stable cell pool: 7-10 weeks
  • Stable cell line: 10-15 weeks


Related services: 


  • Cell surface protein quantitation
  • In-cell biotinylation


Cell line generation process and timeline:


Target cell line generation


WuXi Biologics offers antibody lead optimization services and customized protein engineering supported by structure-based design. Services include:


  • Antibody humanization (Learn More)
  • Antibody affinity maturation (Learn more)
  • Generation of soluble proteins with different tags
  • IgG antibodies with different isotypes
  • Engineering of bispecific antibodies (Learn more)
  • Engineering of fusion protein

WuXi Biologics can provide protein biotinylation, in-cell biotinylation, HRP conjugation and other protein labeling services.