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WuXi Biologics attends a variety of events and conferences every year to ensure our company is engaging in the global conversation about healthcare. Here is a list of past and upcoming events for investor reference.

Date Location Activities/Event
May 19-20,2020 Singapore Citi Pan-Asia Regional Investor Conference 2020
Jan 14-15,2020 Shanghai UBS Greater China Conference 2020
Jan 13-14,2020 San Francisco 2020 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 9,2020 Hong Kong Citi Hong Kong and China Healthcare Corporate Day 2020
Jan 7-8,2020 Beijing Morgan Stanley China New Economy Summit
Nov 25-26,2019 Hong Kong Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific Healthcare Forum 2019
 Nov 20-21,2019 Singapore Morgan Stanley Eighteenth Annual Asia Pacific Summit
Nov 7,2019 Macau 14th Citi China Investor Conference 2019
Nov 6,2019 Beijing BAML 2019 China Conference
Nov 6,2019 Shenzhen Credit Suisse 10th China Investment Conference
Oct 17,2019 Shanghai UBS Hong Kong Stock Corporate Day
Sep 21,2019 Suzhou JP Morgan Healthcare CEO-CFO Forum
Sep 18-19,2019 London Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Healthcare Conference 2019
Sep 17,2019 Hong Kong Morgan Stanley China Healthcare Corporate Day
Sep 9-10,2019 New York Morgan Stanley 17th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
Sep 9-10,2019 Hong Kong 26th CLSA Investors’ Forum
Sep 5,2019 Shanghai Nomura China Investor Forum 2019
Sep 3,2019 London J.P. Morgan’s Asia Pacific CEO-CFO Conference
Jun 27,2019 Hong Kong Goldman Sachs Healthcare Corporate Day 2019
Jun 21,2019 Shanghai CICC Investment Strategy Conference
Jun 11-12,2019 Los Angeles Goldman Sachs 40th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
Jun 6,2019 Hong Kong Credit Suisse Asia Healthcare Corporate Day
Jun 3,2019 Wuxi Investor Day
May 29-30,2019 Beijing Morgan Stanley’s Fifth Annual China Summit
May 27,2019 Shenzhen BAML Innovative China Conference 2019
May 21-22,2019 Singapore 10th Annual dbAccess Asia Conference 2019
May 20-21,2019 New York UBS Healthcare Conference
May 17,2019 Shenzhen HSBC 6th Annual China Conference
May 8,2019 Beijing J.P. Morgan’s 15th Annual Global China Summit
Apr 25,2019 Hong Kong CMBI Healthcare Corporate Day
Jan 14-15,2019 Shenzhen Deutsche Bank China Conference 2019
Jan 9,2019 Beijing Morgan Stanley China New Economy Summit
Jan 8-9,2019 San Francisco 2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 7-8,2019 Shanghai UBS Greater China Conference 2019
Dec 11,2018 Hong Kong Citi 2018 Hong Kong and China Healthcare Corporate Day
Nov 28-30,2018 Singapore Morgan Stanley’s 17th Annual Asia Pacific Summit
Nov 19,2018 Shenzhen HSBC China Healthcare Corporate Day
Nov 15-16,2018 Macau 13th Citi China Investor Conference 2018
Nov 8-9,2018 Beijing 2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch China Conference
Nov 7,2018 Hong Kong Jefferies 8th Annual Greater China Conference
Nov 5-6,2018 Shenzhen Credit Suisse 9th China Investment Conference
Oct 18,18 Shanghai Deutsche Bank China Healthcare Industry Forum
Oct 15,18 Shanghai UBS Corporate Day
Sep 12-13,2018 New York Morgan Stanley 16th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
Sep 11-12,2018 Hong Kong CLSA Investor Forum 2018
June 13,2018 Los Angeles Goldman Sachs 39th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
June 7,2018 Hong Kong Credit Suisse 2018 Greater China Healthcare Corporate Day
May 30-June 1 2018 Beijing Morgan Stanley 4th Annual China Summit
May 14-15,2018 Shenzhen HSBC 2018 China Conference
May 10-11,2018 Shenzhen BAML Innovative China Conference 2018
May 8-9,2018 Beijing J.P. Morgan’s 14th Annual Global China Summit
April 10-11,2018 London J.P. Morgan ‘Best of Asia’ Conference 2018
Jan 10,2018 San Francisco 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Jan 4,2018 Hong Kong Morgan Stanley Hong Kong/ China Healthcare, Utilities, Energy & Industrials Corporate Day
Dec 12,2017 Hong Kong Citi Greater China Corporate Day 2017 (Theme: Healthcare)
Nov 30,2017 Hong Kong Goldman Sachs APAC Healthcare Forum 2017
Nov 15-16,2017 Singapore Morgan Stanley 16th Annual Asia Pacific Summit
Nov 8-9,2017 Beijing BAML 2017 China Conference
Nov 2,2017 Shen Zhen Credit Suisse China Investment Conference
Nov 1,2017 Hong Kong Jefferies 7th Annual Greater China Summit
Oct 31,2017 Macau Citi China Investor Conference 2017
Oct 27,2017 Hong Kong Deutsche Bank Healthcare Corporate Day