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Technologies & Platforms

WuXi Biologics offers comprehensive mammalian cell line development capabilities for various biotherapeutics such as mAbs, enzymes and fusion/recombinant proteins based on multiple production systems including CHO DG44 and CHO K1. Our program typically starts with client-provided DNA sequences and we deliver high-yielding, well-characterized, stable, single clones with good product quality.

Using a WuXi Biologics’ proprietary vector system in CHO K1 cells and state-of-the-art equipment, our cell line group has developed a process that can deliver top 3 clones in 12 weeks after transfection.

As part of our unique single-source approach our team can also perform developability assessment to evaluate the key attributes of antibody candidates to facilitate final candidate selection and reduce the risk of further development.

Program Features

  • Open-access cell line technology platforms with low licensing fees
  • Same host cell line and vector system for transient production and stable cell line development in order to save time
  • Proven robust high yielding development platforms with average productivity of 2 ~ 7 g/L with exceptional stability
  • Fast turn-around from DNA to top clones with high productivity and product quality
  • Research and GMP cell banking and supporting cell line characterization and stability studies

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