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Our antibody engineering group provides both stand-alone and integrated service packages starting from antibody generation to the delivery of humanized and optimized monoclonal or bispecific antibodies using our WuXiBody™ Platform.  Our stand-alone antibody engineering services include hybridoma sequencing, phage library construction, high-throughput panning, mouse antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation, Fc engineering and bispecific antibody generation.

Program features

  • Our humanization strategies include both Best Fit and Framework Library approaches designed to minimize the risk of affinity and functional activity loss caused by the traditional CDR grafting method.
  • We provide affinity maturation services using random and parsimonious mutagenesis on selected CDRs to optimize antibody affinity and cross-reactivity to orthologous target antigens.
  • We enhance the antibody in vivo stability and ADCC / CDC potency by Fc engineering using site-specific mutation and glycosylation modification.
  • Bispecific antibodies are generated from either the WuXiBody™ Platform or de novo discovery using transgenic rats carrying common light chain or by engineering a pair of mono-specific antibodies provided from you or from WuXi Biologics’ mAb discovery program.
Antibody Engineering Case Study:

Affinity maturation to reach Kd value in picomolar range