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WuXi Biologics offers five advanced platforms for discovery of antibody-based therapeutics and we leverage these platforms individually or combined to find the ideal therapeutic antibody.

Advanced Hyridoma System

Our hybridoma group offers technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and AAALAC-accredited animal facilities. Through our unique immunization method and advanced electro cell fusion (ECF) techniques, we routinely obtain exceptionally high fusion efficiencies of up to 1-10 hybridomas per thousand B-cells while also producing high titer antibodies.

Phage Display

Our phage display group offers naïve human library, regular mouse immunization library and OMT transgenic rat immunization library as well as all the supporting capabilities for custom library construction and validation.  We also provide supporting high-throughput panning, antibody sequence/structure analysis and further antibody engineering.

Ligand’s OmniAb® Platform

WuXi Biologics is partnered with Ligand (previously, Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc.) to provide our clients access to transgenic animals that produce fully human antibodies with high quality, specificity, expression, solubility and stability.

Bispecific Antibody

Bispecific antibodies are generated from either the WuXiBody™ Platform or de novo discovery using transgenic rats carrying common light chain or by engineering a pair of mono-specific antibodies provided from you or from WuXi Biologics’ mAb discovery program.

Antibody Drug Conjugates

Benefits of multiple platforms

Table 1
Features Regular Hybridoma Phage Display OMT Transgenic Rodents
Target homology between human and rodents Prefer low homology Does not matter Prefer low homology
Reduce immunogenicity Need humanization Not needed Not needed
Affinity Usually high Low to high; may need affinity maturation Usually high
Antibody format IgG Fab or scFv (requires genetic engineering for IgG) IgG
Antibody repertoire High and dynamic Mid and static High and dynamic
Time 2 -3 months 2 -4 weeks 2 -3 months
Developability Normally behave well May need optimization Normally behave well
Cost Low Moderate High

Each discovery platform offers unique advantages and drawbacks as illustrated in Table 1. Depending on the circumstances and the established selection criteria, the antibodies generated from one particular platform may not be ideal hence a second platform needs to be utilized to find the therapeutic that could deliver the most clinical success. By accumulated industry experience of the past twenty years, we learned that different platforms typically give a different set of therapeutic candidates. The epitope coverage of mouse hybridoma, rat hybridoma and human phage libraries can overlap but more often the coverage is unique because different species will illicit a different immune response.

Antibody Generation Case study:

Utilizing multiple platforms to identify isoform specific antibodies