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Advanced hybridoma system

Our hybridoma group offers technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and AAALAC-accredited animal facilities. Through our unique immunization method and advanced Electro Cell Fusion (ECF) techniques, we routinely obtain exceptionally high antibody titer and high fusion efficiencies of up to 1/1,000 ~ 1/100 hybridoma using lymph node or spleen cells from immunized mice. This output of 1-10 hybridomas per thousand B cells is the highest efficiency ever achieved in the industry. This broad range maximizes our ability to build a candidate pool that encompasses monoclonal antibodies recognizing all possible epitopes of any given antigen. We have found antibodies targeting a wide range of therapeutic targets through this platform that include small compounds, soluble proteins, all types of membrane proteins including GPCRs and conformational epitopes, with affinity in nM to pM range and proper biological functions.

  • High antibody titer (up to 1,000,000 ~2,000,000)
  • Break immune tolerance (immune response to self protein)
  • Short immunization time (6 -8 weeks to achieve immunization peak)
  • High success rate to obtain desired hybridoma
High fusion efficiency through WuXi Biologics’ electro cell fusion technique

Using our unique immunization strategy and specific electro cell fusion technique, we are able to obtain ~50,000 hybridoma cells from 5×107 fused lymph node or spleen cells of one mouse. For most of the targets, 500-1,000 antigen specific hybridomas can be generated from one cell fusion.