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Our phage display group offers naïve human library, regular mouse immunization library and OMT transgenic rat or mouse immunization libraries as well as all the supporting capabilities for custom library construction and validation, high-throughput panning, antibody sequence/structure analysis and further antibody engineering and optimization.

Naïve human library

Our naïve human library was constructed from PBMCs isolated from healthy donors. Antibody V-genes were amplified from mRNA with germline family specific primers and cloned into a phage display vector in ScFv format. The library consists of 1.7 × 1011 individual transformants with more than 90% error-free ScFv transcripts. More than 80% of clones show detectable scFv expression into the periplasm. We leverage this established library individually or along with our advanced hybridoma system to extend the epitope coverage and help clients find the optimal drug candidate for development.

Antibody Generation Case study

Identifying antigen isoform specific mAbs

Murine immune library

We also built and can build additional phage libraries from immunized mice with a typical library size ranging from 108-1010 with >95% positive rate. The diversity of the library is over 85%. Both ScFv and Fab libraries are available to meet clients’ specific needs.

OMT transgenic rat or mouse immune library

Leveraging our access to OMT transgenic animals, we can also construct phage libraries from immunized OmniRat®  or OmniMouse®.