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Selecting a therapeutic candidate is a critical step that must take into consideration numerous factors and needs to be prioritized based on safety profiles and desired clinical and manufacturing goals. Drawn from decades of experience, WuXi’s experts have established stringent selection criteria to assess the affinity, potency, specificity, solubility, immunogenicity, toxicity, stability and developability of antibody drug candidates.

In Vitro Function Assay

Our in vitro assay group is responsible for cell-based assays and other bioassays that cover a range of purposes. We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation that include:

  • Envision® Multilabel Plate Reader
  • TTP Labtech’s Mirrorball® high sensitivity microplate cytometer
  • BD FACSCanto™ II flow cytometer
  • IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS
  • IncuCyte® ZOOM Live-Cell Analysis System
  • AID iSpot EliSpot Reader System
  • SpectraMax M5/M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • Nikon-Ti-S-E Fluorescence Microscopy

The group also initiates and develops new functional assays based on our clients’ targets and specific needs in a timely manner. Available in vitro assays include:

  • Binding assay
  • Epitope binning assay
  • ADCC and CDC assays
  • Cell mineralization assay
  • Cell lipid accumulation assay
  • Cell migration assay
  • Cell proliferation assay
  • Cell Apoptosis assay
  • Cytokine stimulation assay

  • Signal transduction assay
  • Phosphorylation assay
  • Antibody functional block assay for ligand-receptor binding
  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction
  • T cell activation
  • Regulatory T cell assays
  • Cytokine test
  • Intracellular cytokine staining
  • Reporter gene assays

  • Phagocytosis and endocytosis
  • Serum stability
  • Pharamacokinetics analysis (non-human samples)
  • Immunogenicity analysis
  • Primary muscle isolation and differentiation assay
  • Osteoclast cell differentiation assay
  • Bi-specific antibody binding assay
  • Ag-specific T cell response and CTL assays
  • Antigen-antibody binding test

  • Bi-specific antibody simultaneous binding test
  • Cytokine stimulation
  • BsAb-mediated T cell killing
  • Phosphorylation assay
  • Antibody functional block assay for ligand-receptor binding
  • Receptor internalization
  • Protein dimerization
  • Erythrocyte agglutination

In Vivo Efficacy and PK Studies

In collaboration with WuXi Biologics’ discovery biology group, lead antibody candidates can be evaluated via in vivo efficacy and pharmacokinetics studies using established animal models.  WuXi Biologics has extensive expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas including oncology, infectious disease, CNS/pain, immunology, cardiovascular and inflammation.