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Using our industry-leading team of cell culture, purification and analytical experts, we generate high-purity research-grade proteins / antibodies, delivered on-time, to meet your exacting expectations. Equipped with state-of-the-art and high-throughput cell culture and purification systems and utilizing a variety of cell expression systems, we produce a wide array of proteins to support your various research purposes. The table below provides an overview of our custom protein generation services.




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The Chinese word “Wuxian” when translated to English means limitless. Thus, Wuxian aptly describes WuXi Biologics’ custom protein generation services. Because of our extensive capabilities and capacities:

  • No project is too small nor too large

  • We can dedicate a team of scientists (FTE-model) to your project if necessary

  • High-throughput production and purification systems can be utilized to maximize efficiency

  • Over 5,000 custom proteins are delivered to our clients per year



Expression Systems

E. coli, yeast, insect & mammalian cells (HEK 293, NS0 and CHO-K1)

Purification Systems

>50 ÄKTA purification systems and high-throughput automated purification platforms

Protein Characterization

SDS-PAGE/IEF, UV spectrophotometry, SEC-HPLC, SEC-MALS, LC/MS and other biophysical and biochemical assays


Mammalian Cell Production Platform


Production Platform Timeline Average Yield Ideal Scale

6 Weeks

2.2 g/L

 >500 mg


5 Weeks

500 mg/L

  <500 mg



Antibodies Hub and Spoke WuXi Biologics

Our large scientific team has extensive experience working with a wide-variety of proteins for early stage drug screening and lead selection, assay development, structure analysis and other research purposes.  We have considerable experience generating R&D-grade monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins, kinases, proteases, cell surface receptors, cytokines, metabolic enzymes, nuclear receptors, DNA binding proteins, viral envelope proteins, antibody drug conjugates and other bioconjugates to support your research efforts.




Wuxian Express production is designed to fill the gap between transient production and traditional stable pool methodologies. Compared to transient production, Wuxian Express delivers significantly more material, yet only adds 1 week to the overall timeline. Compared to the traditional stable pool production, Wuxian Express is 6 weeks faster and thus offers significant time and cost savings to obtain the same production scale. Wuxian Express is ideal when you need over 500 mg of purified protein or antibody to be delivered as soon as possible. Below are some common applications for materials obtained from Wuxian Express production:

  • Feasibility study for therapeutic product variants (material will be more representative than transient products)

  • In vivo and in vitro study

  • Developability study

  • Purification, formulation and analytical method development




Let WuXi Biologics’ limitless capacities be an extension of your R&D lab for protein generation. We’ve dedicated scientific teams to organizations to support their research efforts for the generation of mAbs to complex bioconjugates. Our Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) approach streamlines ordering, production, shipping and report generation making your R&D efforts that much more efficient. In addition, we can provide FTE programs that also contain basic to extensive analytical and protein characterization analysis. Let us dedicate our scientists to ensure your success!



case studies

CYP-X production from gene sequence to crystal generation for structural analysis

IgM purification to reach 95% purity in SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis

Kinase-Y production using insect cell/baculovirus expression system

Developability Assessment

FTE-Model Approach