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Launching A New Era in Antibody Drug Development

6-18 months faster development and no CMC challenges

WuXi Biologics’ proprietary, open-access bispecific antibody platform has revolutionized the biologics industry. We have eliminated the drug development challenges associated with other bispecific platforms yet maintained a highly flexible platform with multiple valency options. In addition, the technology platform allows for almost any monoclonal antibody sequence to be used. See below for more details.


WuXiBody™ Development/CMC Advantages

  • Saves 6-18 months of development time
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by as much as 90%
  • High protein expression in CHO cells (5 – 16 g/L)
  • No aggregation issues
  • Can be used in both fed-batch and concentrated fed-batch production
  • Easy, single-step purification of >95% using Protein A
  • Very stable: >2 weeks in serum at 37 °C
  • No solubility issues: > 30 mg/ml

WuXiBody™ Bispecific Engineering Advantages

  • Almost any mAb sequence can be used to build bispecifics in our platform
  • Available in both symmetric and asymmetric formats
  • Accommodates different valency formats (bi, tri and tetra) based on project needs and biology
  • Designed so that bispecific Ab can be purified using the same scheme as monoclonal antibodies
  • Typical in vivo half-life as mAbs
  • Engineered to achieve low immunogenicity in vivo by using natural sequences