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WuXiaTM Cell Line Development
CHO-K1 Platform - The Ideal
Solution from cDNA to GMP Production

WuXi Biologics offers comprehensive mammalian cell line development (CLD) capabilities for various biotherapeutics. Our program typically starts with client-provided DNA or protein sequences and ends with the delivery of high-yielding, well-characterized, stable single clones. The Chinese word “WuXia” translates to “flawless or ideal” in English. Hence, this is why we chose to name our cell line development (CLD) platform “WuXia.”

Industry-leading CLD


(DNA to MCB*)
9-10 weeks
3.3 g/L (Pool)
5.6 g/L (Clone)

*Timeline to the initiation of MCB generation


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted codon optimization
  • Automated high-throughput systems
  • State-of-the-art processes for determination of monoclonality
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-guided clone screening
  • Use of commercial, off-the-shelf cell culture medium
  • Seamless system from candidate screening & developability studies to GMP production
  • Enables 2.5 to 6-month DNA to IND timeline for COVID & other pandemic diseases

Over 300 cell lines developed and 50+ submitted in Global INDs