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WuXian™ R&D Protein Generation

Rapid, High-Quality Protein Production Platform

WuXi Biologics’ industry-leading R&D-scale custom protein production group generates high-quality proteins and antibodies to meet your schedule and requirements. No project is too large or small. Our team of experts can support preparation and purification of the most complex proteins or provide one to hundreds of monoclonal, bispecific and multispecific antibodies and other recombinant proteins for your diverse needs including early-stage discovery research, lead candidate screening, immunizations, in vivo studies, biochemical assays, crystal structure analysis, and other research purposes. The labs feature high-throughput protein expression and purification systems to maximize efficiency to produce biologics of all types from a variety of protein production platforms including mammalian cells (e.g., HEK, CHO), E. coli, insect cells, and yeast.

  • 3 weeks delivery of gram-level antibody
  • 6 weeks delivery of 100+ gram-level antibody
  • 5-10 weeks delivery of gram-level bispecific antibody
  • 8 days delivery of gram-level COVID-19 antibody candidates (or other high priority health initiatives)

The Chinese word “Wuxian” when translated to English means limitless. Thus, Wuxian aptly describes WuXi Biologics’ custom protein generation services due to our large dedicated protein production team and extensive capacities. 


  • Program Features


    • Unique AI codon optimization process and high-expression platforms
    • High-throughput automated expression, purification and analytics system
    • Extensive bispecific antibody expression and purification toolbox to help ensure successful delivery of these complex molecules
    • One-stop customized service according to customers’ needs


  • Unlimited Capacity


      • 5,000+ proteins delivered each year
      • 1,300+ bispecific antibodies produced
      • 3,500+ antigens manufactured
      • Fast initiation and execution of projects



To learn more about our WuXianTM Protein Generation Services, click here.