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Regulatory Support

We have supported, consulted and provided the requisite documentation for over 530+ INDs/CTAs and 50 BLAs/MAAs/NDAs and 18 EUAs approvals and have written, in-full, over 220 Module 3 CMC packages for our clients since we first established our regulatory affairs unit in 2015.

  • Dedicated regulatory CMC advisory services
  • Continuous support throughout entire product development life cycle for each integrated project
  • Regulatory CMC strategy and gap analysis for single or multi-regional filings including the U.S., EU, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Korea and other major markets
  • Guidance and feedback to achieve the fastest regulatory pathway while minimizing risks and maintaining quality
  • Expert partner to navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in China
  • Comprehensive expertise for eCTD compatible CMC dossier preparation
  • Write and/or review entire Module 3 CMC sections and Module 2 CMC Summary for IND / CTA / BLA / MAA / NDA / EUA / DMF
  • Flexible and customized preparation services
  • Timely support to respond to inquiries and questions from regulatory authorities
  • Regulatory meeting support and preparation (briefing book, technical advice, strategy)
  • Dossier updates, amendments, and post-approval support
  • Provide global regulatory updates and newsletters for both internal staff and our clients (see below for more information)
  • Dedicated teams that monitor the latest regulatory trends and landscape in China and other international markets
  • Continual information and notifications on trends and developments, including updates on regulatory CMC strategy


Regulatory Newsletter

On a quarterly basis, the WuXi Biologics’ Regulatory Affairs team provides a summary (in newsletter format) of the regulatory guidances that are either in draft or final status by agency and by topic. We have compiled these updates to support our clients’ efforts to stay current in the ever-changing regulatory environment for biological therapeutics and vaccines. 

Click here – to see examples of our past Regulatory Newsletters

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