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Protein Sciences

Uniting Drug Development Expertise with Antibody & Protein Production Services

Antibody Drug Development

Antibody drugs have ushered in a new era of targeted treatments for many human diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases. Scientists have harnessed the unique specificities of diseases to design potent antibody drugs that target cellular or molecular pathways with unparalleled precision. Today, several FDA-approved monoclonal antibodies have become standard treatments for various ailments, leading to significant improvements in patient care and outcomes.


Among the advancements in antibody drugs, bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are gaining increasing popularity, alongside AI-driven antibody drug development. Furthermore, the shift towards personalized medicine is fueling the development of patient-specific antibody drugs. Given these evolving trends and the challenges they present, our dedicated team of experts is poised to empower your drug development.

Elevate your research with our research stage production of monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and antibody fragments (Fab, VHH, scFv).

Different Services for Different Stages of Antibody Discovery

We combined biologics drug development expertise with high-titer, high-purity antibody and protein production for research use.

Featured Services for Antibody Drug Development

At WuXi Biologics, our Protein Sciences (PS) Department provides research-grade antibody production services that harness the latest advancements in biotechnology. Whether you need monoclonal or bispecific antibodies, or antibody fragments (e.g., Fab, VHH, and scFv), we ensure every client receives top-quality proteins to drive groundbreaking research and therapeutic advancements.

Case Study: High-Titer Expression of AI-Designed Antibody Drug Molecules Using the Ultra 96 Platform

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in antibody drug development has recently gained popularity. These AI-driven antibody drug development projects typically begin with thousands of molecules that must be expressed and experimentally tested, necessitating HTP production in a cost-effective manner. Our Ultra 96 platform is designed to meet this need, as demonstrated in the following case study.

Figure A: For HTP antibody production, the Ultra 96 platform maintained consistent high-titer expression in 1 mL culture using 96-DWP for some AI-designed molecules (853 Abs), and the protein after one-step purification is enough for any in vitro assay requirement.


Figure B: Using our Ultra 96 platform, the expression of His-VHH (88 Abs) and mAb (60 Abs) showed high-titer expression, with average final yields of 3.1 mg and 1.8 mg respectively, for a 3 mL culture in 24-DWP.

These data show high-titer expression of Artificial intelligence-designed antibody drug molecules using our Ultra 96 platform.

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