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Protein Sciences

Uniting Drug Development Expertise with Antibody & Protein Production Services


Explore the Cutting-Edge of Protein Production Science with our Expert-Led Webinars


At WuXi Biologics’ Protein Sciences Department, we strive to keep you well-informed about the forefront of research protein production science. That’s why we offer educational webinars presented by our experienced protein scientists that deliver the latest advancements and innovative techniques in protein production services. Explore our existing webinars and be sure to register for upcoming webinars.

  • Upcoming Webinars


    Webinar title:

    Innovative Platforms for Rapid and Cost-Effective HTP Antibody & Protein Production



    As the field of biologics development evolves rapidly, there is increasing demand for high-throughput (HTP) antibody and protein production that is fast and cost-effective. This webinar showcases two innovative HTP antibody and protein production platforms: Ultra 96 and 7-7-7. Both platforms are powered by our ultra-high titer transient CHO system and designed for fast, affordable production. The Ultra 96 platform, with its 96- and 24-DWP format, quickly produces hundreds to thousands of antibodies per run at 100-1,500 µg each. The 7-7-7 offers low endotoxin and aggregates antibody production at 1-100 mg scale. Each platform addresses challenges at different stages of drug discovery, accelerating your drug development journey.


    In this webinar, you will learn:   


    • How the Ultra 96 and 7-7-7 platforms combine speed, purity, and scalability to streamline the biologics discovery process.
    • Strategies for efficient high-throughput antibody/protein production that align with current trends and demands in biologic drug development.
    • Case studies that demonstrate the successful application of Ultra 96 and 7-7-7 platforms in producing a large number of biologics rapidly and cost-effectively.


    Julia Su, Ph.D., Associate Director, Protein Sciences

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  • Webinar On Demand


    Webinar title:

    Unlock the Optimal Pairings of Bispecific Antibody Through Small Scale HTP BsAb Production & Efficient Scale-up Strategies


    Webinar Abstract:

    Join us for an exclusive webinar where the groundbreaking strategies for the bispecific antibody production will be presented, transforming your antibody drug discovery efforts. Bispecific antibody production entails challenges like heterogeneity, production complexity, and stability issues, impacting the quality of the final product. In this webinar, our esteemed industry expert will introduce innovative strategies and solutions to address challenges, spanning from small-scale high-throughput screening of a vast number of bispecific antibody pairings to large-scale production. Real-world case studies will showcase the successful application of these strategies.


    During the webinar, you will gain valuable insight into:


    1. Novel strategies for optimizing the production of bispecific antibodies in drug development.
    2. An innovative high throughput production platform to quickly screen the optimal pairings of bispecific antibody for accelerated discovery.
    3. Cutting-edge technologies for large scale production of bispecific antibodies.



    Jiansheng Wu, Ph.D., Head of BioDev Protein Sciences Department

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    Webinar title:

    Assessing Pharmacokinetics and Manufacturability in Early Biologics Drug Discovery Webinar



    In the early stages of biologics drug discovery, it’s crucial to have assays that reliably correlate with human pharmacokinetics (PK) and manufacturability. In this webinar, we introduce our advanced high-throughput analytical suite, designed to assess critical developability parameters. This comprehensive approach incorporates both in silico tools and diverse in vitro assays, including AC-SINS, Baculovirus/DNA/insulin ELISA, FcRn binding, Serum stability and others. Our panel is formatted in a 96WP design and requires only ~100ug of sample per assay, making it particularly suitable for the early lead ID/lead op stages.


    You will gain valuable insight into:   


    • How an integrated suite of developability assays can help evaluate the suitability of biologics as potential drugs at an early stage
    • How these micro developability tests use minimal material (<1 mg of protein) to allow lead molecules to be examined at an earlier stage.
    • Case studies demonstrating how these  developability tests reliably correlate with human PK and manufacturability.


    Han Yang, Assistant Director, Protein Sciences

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