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Naïve Library
High quality naïve library constructed from 6X10e9 PBMCs/CBMCs of 60 healthy samples. Each library systematically QC’d to assure high quality and diversity.

Our naïve library was constructed from hPBMCs isolated from healthy samples. Antibody variable region complexes were amplified from mRNA using specific primers to the entire immunoglobulin variable region repertoire and cloned into a phage display vector in scFv format. The library consists more than 1011  transformants with ~90% containing full ScFv transcripts. ~80% of clones show detectable scFv expression into the periplasm.

  • Constructed in-house from hPBMC & hCBMC samples (high diversity)
  • More than 1011 transformants representing nearly all of the hAb variable region repertoire
  • Pre-selected in vivo samples with, no synthetic or artificial sequences
  • Each sub-library is systematically QC’d to assure library quality