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Human Naïve Library
High quality naïve library constructed from 6X10e9 PBMCs/CBMCs of 60 donors. Each donor library systematically QC’d to assure high quality and diversity.

Our naïve human library was constructed from PBMCs isolated from healthy donors. Antibody V-genes were amplified from mRNA using V-gene family specific primers and cloned into a phage display vector in scFv format. The library consists more than 1011 individual transformants with ~90% containing full ScFv transcripts. ~80% of clones show detectable scFv expression into the periplasm.

  • Constructed in-house from individual PBMC&CBMC samples and commercial mixed donor cDNAs (high diversity)
  • More than 1011 transformants representing nearly all human antibody V-gene repertoire
  • Pre-selected in vivo, “truly human”, no synthetic or artificial sequences
  • Each sub-library is systematically QC’d to assure library quality