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Integrated Discovery Platform
From Concept to IND

Bispecific & Multispecific Antibody Generation


As a leading company in biologics discovery and development, experts at Wuxi Biologics possess extensive experience in bispecific (bsAb) and multispecific (msAb) antibody development. We offer five, integrated discovery platforms for screening and lead identification of bispecific and multispecific antibody approaches.  The platforms include WuXiBody, SDArBody, SKYBody, OmniFlic and a standard bispecific engineering platform. Based on your R&D goals, we can offer many different bsAb and msAb platforms and formats that best suit your biology and drug development requirements.



Launching A New Era in Bispecific Antibody Drug Development


WuXiBody®  is an innovative, proprietary technology platform developed by WuXi Biologics for the expanding field of bispecific antibodies. Based on novel engineering, the platform can expedite the drug development process by 6-18 months and significantly reduce production costs.  The WuXiBody platform enables almost any monoclonal antibody (mAb) sequence pair to be assembled into the bispecific construct and its unique structural flexibility makes the platform convenient to build various formats with different valency (e.g., 2, 3 or 4 binding sites).


WuXiBody Development/CMC Advantages


  • Saves 6-18 months of development time
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by as much as 90%
  • Can be used in both fed-batch and concentrated fed-batch production
  • High protein expression in CHO cells (5 g/L in fed-batch, 35 g/L in concentrated fed-batch)
  • No aggregation issues
  • Very stable: >2 weeks in serum at 37 °C
  • No solubility issues: > 30 mg/ml

WuXiBody Bispecific Engineering Advantages


  • Compatible with almost any mAb sequence
  • Available in both symmetric and asymmetric formats
  • Accommodate different valency formats (bi, tri and tetra) based on project needs and biology
  • Uses the same purification schemes as for mAbs
  • Long in vivo half-life
  • Expected low immunogenicity (utilizes natural human sequence without complicated engineering)


SDArBody® is a novel technology platform developed by WuXi Biologics to enable the development of multispecific proteins. This highly flexible platform offers our clients the ability to generate multispecific antibody and protein therapeutics with high affinity, low immunogenicity risk and excellent developability characteristics.


Multiple VHH lead generation and screening approaches have been developed for the SDArBody platform including traditional phage display and single B cell selection. After humanization (and optional affinity maturation), the VHH leads can be freely assembled into an SDArBody msAb. VHH-based SDArBody msAb engineering, because of its heavy chain-only advantage, was developed for our clients who prefer to start from animal immunization.






SKYBody is an innovative technology platform developed by WuXi Biologics for scFv (single-chain fragment variables) optimization and utilization. Based on novel engineering, the platform can significantly improve scFv stability. The SKYBody platform enables almost any monoclonal antibody (mAb) sequence pair to be assembled into bispecific and multispecific antibodies.




A Common Light Chain Transgenic Rat


OmniFlic® is the first transgenic / engineered rat with a fixed light chain. The antibodies generated from this platform are then ideal for the engineering and development of fully human bispecific antibodies.


  • The “common light chain format” is an elegant technology that simplifies the purification of these IgG-type of bispecific antibodies
  • The technology allows for the maintenance of the natural molecular shape of an antibody


Generic Bispecific Platform


  • 80+ formats from public domain​
  • Fv or scFab as building blocks​
  • 6+ months for engineering






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