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Integrated Discovery Platform
From Concept to IND

Discovery Overview

WuXi Biologics offers industry-leading expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and multiple antibody generation technology platforms for the discovery of novel monoclonal, bispecific and multispecific antibodies, immunocytokines and other biologics. We tailor solutions to best suit your technical and budget requirements and to ensure you achieve your key drug development milestones. Our antibody discovery team comprises nearly 400 highly trained scientists for the generation, selection, optimization, and characterization of antibodies or other biologic molecules utilizing advanced in vitro and in vivo approaches. Based on your R&D goals, we customize a program that will advance your project from concept to IND filing. We also offer modular service and flexible business models. 


WuXi Biologics Discovery Engines and Technology Platforms


WuXi Biologics antibody engineering and generation platforms


With over 20 of our client’s products in the clinic and 2 on the market, WuXi Biologics’ discovery engines enable our partners to advance projects from concept to commercialization.

WuXi Biologics Discovery Engine Client Project Pipeline


Integrated End-To-End Discovery Services

Customized Featured Services

The Choice is Yours

mAb Discovery

Bispecific Antibody

Lead Optimization

In Vitro Characterizations

In Vivo Characterizations

Track Record of Discovery Services




Countries and Regions Served


Integrated Discovery Projects


Clinical Stage