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Integrated Discovery Platform
From Concept to IND

Other Molecular Modalities ​

WuXi Biologics offers extensive design, generation, and discovery of new molecular modalities, including but not limited to: bispecific / multispecific antibodies, ADCs, recombinant proteins, fusion proteins, cytokines, immunocytokines, peptides, nanobodies, antibody fragments, TCR-based antibodies, viral proteins, and other biologics. Our team of experts work with you to establish the best path in optimizing your molecule to its target and for its intended purpose.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

WuXi Biologics greatly simplifies ADC and other bioconjugate drug development by providing all stages of preclinical discovery, holistic and integrated CMC development process, and the entire supply chain for ADC projects under one company and in one centralized region. Our services include extensive R&D capabilities and world-class expertise to generate, engineer, evaluate and optimize antibody drug conjugate (ADC) / bioconjugate lead candidates. Of note are services specifically for ADC in vitro characterization:

  • Binding by FACS/ELISA
  • Internalization assay
  • Cytotoxicity assay
  • By-stander killing assay
  • Serum stability
  • Function evaluation
  • Molecule integrity (DAR, free drug, antibody)

Learn more about our capabilities for ADC’s:

Fusion Protein


Our Fusion Protein Services include the following. For additional services please Contact Us.


  • Protein generation services
    • Expression level
    • Stability
    • Binding
    • Function
    • Half-life
  • Discovery project



Cytokine/Immunocytokine services are available. For additional services please Contact Us.


  • Protein generation​
    • Expression level
    • Stability
    • Binding
    • Toxicity
    • Function
    • Half-life​
  • Discovery project

Other Protein Design and Engineering Services Available. For additional services please Contact Us.


  • Engineered proteins
    • Virus proteins
    • TCR based therapeutics
    • Peptides
    • Linkers
    • Platform development
  • Design to meet intended purpose
    • Expression level​
    • Stability​
    • Binding
    • Function
    • Half-life
  • Discovery project



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