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NGS and Molecular Biology Services for Cell Line Development

Specialized NGS & Molecular Biology Services

WuXi Biologics offers a wide range of Next Generation Sequencing and other critical molecular biology methodologies for the evaluation of cell lines and the gene of interest either in support of an integrated CLD program or as a standalone service.


Low-level Mutation Detection


NGS enables the detection of low-level mutations in product genes and other critical genome regions.


WuXi Biologics Low-level Mutation Detection


Deep Sequencing of Cell Lines via NGS


Our molecular biology laboratories provide cell line stability and additional biosafety characterization with the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methodologies. The use of NGS offers high scalability and allows for ultra-deep sequence analysis, making it a highly useful tool for cell line genetic stability studies. Key benefits include a turnaround time of 7 days for sequence variant analysis and a better sensitivity during plasmid sequencing when compared to the Sanger method.


WuXi Biologics use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for cell line stability and biosafety characterization


The ability to conduct whole genome sequencing and identity differential gene expression for cell engineering and biomarkers makes NGS an invaluable tool for integration site analysis for monoclonality verification, transcriptome sequencing, as well as adventitious agent detection. Our key services include:


  • Plasmid sequencing​
  • Integration Site Analysis
  • Sequence Variant Analysis​
  • Transcriptome Sequencing​
  • Adventitious Agent Detection
  • Genetic Stability & Cell Line Characterization

Service Details

Sequence Variant Analysis

WuXi Biologics Sequence Variant Analysis

Monoclonality Verification by Integration Analysis

WuXi Biologics Monoclonality Verification by Integration Analysis

Genetic Stability

WuXi Biologics Genetic Stability

Adventitious Virus Detection

WuXi Biologics Adventitious Virus Detection