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Overview: WuXi Biologics’ services for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines


WuXi Biologics offers extensive development capabilities and GMP manufacturing capacity for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines. Our expert and highly-trained team provides end-to-end services from initial plasmid DNA manufacturing to drug substance (DS) and drug product (DP) GMP production. Our GMP facilities include a microbial-based manufacturing facility with up to 300L scale fermenter for plasmid DNA production, and multiple vessels covering a wide range of reaction volumes and purification equipment for mRNA transcription and purification. In addition, state-of-the-art mRNA-LNP production systems and robotic aseptic filling systems are available for DP manufacturing. As with all of our services, the foundation of our mRNA service platform is built upon our remarkable in-house, single-sourced CMC development and manufacturing capabilities and expertise, executional excellence, and world-class quality system.

Integrated end-to-end services from sequence to IND


Key services include:


  • Sequence optimization Process development:
    • Plasmid DNA: E. coli fermentation, cell lysis and purification
    • mRNA: In Vitro Transcription (IVT) including co-capping or post-capping options, purification
    • LNP: encapsulation, UF/DF, fill/finish
  • Tech transfer and scale-up
  • GMP manufacturing: DS (mRNA) and DP (mRNA-LNP)
  • Comprehensive analytical development and QC testing capability
  • Full CMC and Regulatory support

Drug Substance Process Development and Manufacturing


Our GMP services include a manufacturing facility with up to 300L scale fermenter for plasmid DNA production and various volume vessels and purification equipment for mRNA transcription and purification.

Drug Product Process Development and Manufacturing


Our DP service include state-of-the-art mRNA-LNP production systems (e.g. Microfluidic and T-Junction mixing techniques) as well as robotic aseptic filling systems.


Drug Product Development


  • Formulation development, process development and technology transfer
  • Lyophilization cycle development
  • Stability, stress study, CCIT, clinical in-use study
  • 25 µL to 10 L scale (feasibility / pilot)
  • Extensive mRNA-LNP DP characterization techniques: particle size, PDI, encapsulation rate, potency, etc.


Drug Product Manufacturing


  • Two segregated Vanrx SA25 Robotic filling lines
  • Microfluidic and T-junction encapsulation processes
  • Aseptic formulation isolator
  • Single-use systems
  • Ready-to-use container-closure systems (vials and pre-filled syringes)


Analytical Science and Quality Control


Our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced analytical and QC professionals, allows us to offer:


  • Integrated labs that support diverse mRNA modalities
  • Methods development, transfer and qualification/validation
  • Product biochemical, biophysical, and biological characterization, and comparability analysis
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities for full CMC packages that enable IND/BLA filings
  • Tox/Clinical lot DS/DP release and stability testing
  • Reference standard generation, qualification, characterization, storage, and life-time management
  • Analytical investigation; troubleshooting of GMP manufacturing related issues

Quality Assurance System


Our established global quality system, quality control and operational systems meet or exceed worldwide regulatory standards from the U.S. FDA, EMA, NMPA and other major regulatory agencies. Our commitment to quality is ingrained in our company culture and our employees. We have harmonized our quality assurance (QA) and quality management system across all sites around the world for the clinical or commercial production of biologics and vaccines drug substance and drug product.

WuXi Biologics services cover all critical CMC processes with a timeline of 8 months from DNA to IND filing.