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Advanced Hybridoma-Monoclonal Antibody Technologies
A world-class Hybridoma Platform

WuXiHybridTM is a world-class hybridoma platform with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies, enabling our clients for generating a wide variety of monoclonal antibodies to routine and challenging targets. Our cutting-edge innovations and well-experienced expert scientists have overcome key technical bottlenecks obstacles and delivered numerous high-quality therapeutic antibodies as well as key reagent antibodies to our customers all over the world.


Summarized advantages of WuXiHybridTM platform


  • Potent immunization methods using various antigen formats
  • High efficient cell fusion with optimized electrofusion technology
  • High-throughput  comprehensive screening strategy
  • Semi-solid subcloning to assure hybridoma monoclonality


In the spirit of “striving for excellence”, our scientists will continuously make full use of the advantages of WuXiHybridTM technology platform to provide customers with the highest quality services, and continue to be the leading team in the field of hybridoma technologies.

  • AAALAC accredited and licensed animal facility
  • Transgenic mice/rats for fully human antibody generation
  • Multiple immunogen choices(DNA, Peptide, Protein, Cell or combinations)
  • Proprietary immunization protocol to increase immune responses
  • High fusion efficiency through electrofusion
  • Modified culture media for more improved hybridoma stability
  • Semi-solid method for subcloning
  • High-throughput protein-based and cell-based screening platforms.


    • Binding screen by ELISA, Mirrorball and FACS
    • Reporter gene assay (RGA) for functional screening


  • 4 high-throughput flow cytometry utilizing 5 Biacore to support screen
  • Abundant well established functional assays
  • Advanced comprehensive technical capabilities achieve 100% success
  • Highly customization service scope and can initiate project at any stage
  • Expertise and excellent records in GPCR & other Difficult Targets