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Viral Vaccines Process Development

WuXi Biologics’ HEK 293 Cells



Virus Production Cell Line in Development

Viral Vaccine Cell Culture Process Development


  • Multiple cell culture modes


    • Batch, fed-batch or perfusion


  • Flexible cell culture format 


    • Adherent cell culture (Cell Factory/ cellSTAK, iCellis fixed-bed bioreactor) and microcarrier-based adherent cell culture
    • Suspension cell culture (Bioreactor)


  • Commercial media and chemically defined media preferredProcess Platform for Virus Production

Virus Purification Process Development


  • Early stage feasibility study
  • Process development towards IND filing
  • Late stage process geared-characterization


Purification Process Development

Innovations To Increase Virus Titer

Suspension Cell Culture
  • Intensified cell culture process using perfusion (ATF-based), to increase  cell density  2–5 fold
  • N-1 perfusion in wave system to reduce total cell expansion and overall roduction timelines
  • Cell culture scaling-up from bench scale to 200 L, and up to 2,000 L 
Adherent Cell Culture
  • Perfusion-based microcarrier cell culture in single-use bioreactors increase titers efficiently than a typical cell factory
  • Fixed-bed bioreactor, (e.g., iCellis), to greatly increase volumetric titer