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WuXi Biologics operates multiple state-of-the-art, premier quality cGMP drug substance and drug product facilities across four countries for the production of a wide array of biologics and vaccines from both mammalian and microbial expression systems. With 15 facilities worldwide, our GMP drug substance manufacturing capacity is over 260,000 L by the close of 2022 and growing to >588,000 L across five countries by 2026. We currently maintain 11 drug product facilities capable of conducting liquid or lyophilized fills at varying clinical and commercial scales and utilizing a variety of container and closure system (CCS) configurations that include vials, prefilled syringes and other combination product CCS. All of our manufacturing operations are overseen by our comprehensive global Quality System that has been audited by multiple regulatory agencies including the FDA, EMA, NMPA, PMDA, MFDS, HSA, ANIVSA, HPRA and Health Canada.


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