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Protein Sciences

Uniting Drug Development Expertise with Antibody & Protein Production Services

Protein Production Services

At WuXi Biologics, our Protein Sciences (PS) Department specializes in protein production for research use while ensuring the highest quality and scalability. We achieve this through our extensive experience in biologics development and the use of high-titer expression systems. Excelling in both protein expression and purification, we offer tailored solutions for protein production by using our mammalian, insect, and E. coli expression platforms, which are designed to meet the diverse and constantly evolving needs of our clients.


Key Features of Our Protein Production Services:

  • High-Titer Expression: Harnessing the latest advancements in biotechnology, our protein production processes ensure high expression levels.
  • Premium Quality: Our teams excel in both protein expression and purification.
  • Rapid Turnaround: Using our high-titer expression platforms and streamlined operational processes, we can produce proteins within a rapid delivery timeframe of just 3-4 weeks.
  • Economical Solutions: Our high-titer expression platforms produce a substantial number of proteins from a smaller culture volume in a shorter timeframe, resulting in cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Premium-quality protein production for research use using mammalian, E. coli, and insect systems.

Protein Production Services

At WuXi Biologics, our protein production services stand out due to our exceptional quality and deep experience in biologics development. We support our clients throughout the entire biologics development process, offering valuable guidance from the initial research stages. This dual dedication to both top-tier production and developmental expertise positions us not just as a protein production provider, but as a collaborative partner in the evolving field of biologics.



Recombinant Protein Production Workflow


From gene synthesis to expression, purification and protein characterization, our protein production services deliver your proteins in 4-7 weeks.

Gene Synthesis Expression Purification Protein Characterization
2~3 Weeks (Normal) 4~10 Days (Accelerated) 4~7 Days (Transient) 1~2 Weeks
14 Days (Stable Pool)

Frequently Asked Questions for Protein Production

Q: For fusion protein production, which expression system is better: mammalian or E. coli ?

A: The choice between a mammalian or E. coli expression system for producing fusion proteins hinges on several factors, including the fusion protein’s unique characteristics, its intended use, and the required post-translational modifications. If the fusion protein requires advanced post-translational modifications, precise folding, and is intended for therapeutic purposes, a mammalian system is the preferred choice. In contrast, for research purposes where these considerations are less crucial, E. coli may offer a faster and more cost-effective alternative. Conducting preliminary experiments in both systems can help determine the most suitable expression system for a specific fusion protein.

Q: What are the factors to consider in the early research stage for a protein intended for therapeutic use?

A: In the initial phases of developing a therapeutic protein, it’s important to pay careful attention to several critical factors. These factors include: assessing protein expression and stability, evaluating protein solubility and proper folding, ensuring optimal protein bioactivity and functionality, addressing potential immunogenicity concerns, assessing suitability for scale-up and manufacturing, planning for formulation and delivery methods, and prioritizing safety. By integrating these considerations into the early stages of therapeutic protein development, you establish a strong foundation for later phases of pre-clinical and clinical development.

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