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Lead Optimization

WuXi Biologics offers antibody humanization using best fit approach combined with structure modeling for back-mutation design. 150+ humanization projects completed with >98% success rate.



Key features:


  • 8-10 weeks turnaround time
  • In parallel PTM removal


lead optimization-Humanization



WuXi Biologics offers antibody affinity maturation through our well-established and highly-reliable parsimonious mutagenesis methodology. We can also offer phage library-based block-mutagenesis approach for affinity maturation of antibodies to cell-surface targets.



Key Features :


  • 4 months turnaround time
  • Mimics somatic hyper-mutations in natural antibody
  • Affinity improvement (koff): 10 – 100 folds (sub-nanomolar affinities)
  • Low risk of epitope shift
  • Simultaneous removal of PTM risks and engineering of pH-sensitivity


WuXi Biologics offers engineering of antibodies with different Fc variants



Related services:


  • Binding affinity test to Fc receptors, FcRn, C1q
  • ADCC/CDC assays

  • Sequence analysis
  • PTM sites removal in parallel with other antibody optimization tasks, such as humanization or affinity maturation