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Complex Biologics (e.g., ADCs, bispecific Abs)

Proprietary bispecific platform: WuXiBody®   (Click here to WuXiBody® page)


Key Features of theWuXiBody® Platform:


  • Universal: almost any mAb sequence can be used to build bispecifics using WuXibody formats
  • Flexibility: bi/tri/tetra valency based on targets biology
  • No CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) challenges: no expression, aggregation or purification challenges, saving 6 to 18 months of development time  
  • Comparable in vivo half-life with IgG molecules
  • Expected low immunogenicity: uses natural human sequence without complicated engineering


Common light chain bispecific antibody through OmniFlic®

Bispecific antibody generation using generic formats















WuXi Biologics greatly simplifies ADC and other bioconjugate drug development by providing all stages of preclinical activities, holistic and integrated CMC development process, and the entire supply chain in one centralized region.(Click here)


We provide world-class expertise in both platform and novel conjugation technologies and can handle highly potent and toxic payloads. Extensive payload and linker libraries as well as a variety of mAb library generation and screening platforms are available for development candidate matrix preparation and evaluation. A complete ADC analytical development toolbox can be leveraged to select the most appropriate analytical methods for specific bioconjugate characterization, and to establish lot release and stability assay panels. We offer a full range of services including both integrated mAb and bioconjugate development packages and bioconjugate standalone CMC development and manufacturing packages.

WuXi Biologics offers biologics generation, including but not limited to: recombinant proteins, fusion proteins, cytokines, immunocytokines, peptides, nanobody, antibody fragments, and TCR based antibodies amongst others.