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Lead Optimization

WuXi Biologics offers extensive lead assessment and optimization services for antibody therapeutics such as monoclonal (mAb), bispecific (bsAb), and multispecific antibodies and other biologics. Our team of experts work with you to establish the best path in optimizing your molecule to its target and for its intended purpose.

WuXi Biologics offers antibody humanization using best fit approach combined with structure modeling for back-mutation design. 150+ humanization projects completed with >98% success rate.



Key features:


  • 8-10 weeks turnaround time
  • In parallel PTM removal


lead optimization-Humanization



WuXi Biologics offers antibody affinity maturation through our well-established and highly-reliable parsimonious mutagenesis methodology. We can also offer phage library-based block-mutagenesis approach for affinity maturation of antibodies to cell-surface targets.



Key Features :


  • 4 months turnaround time
  • Mimics somatic hyper-mutations in natural antibody
  • Affinity improvement (koff): 10 – 100 folds (sub-nanomolar affinities)
  • Low risk of epitope shift
  • Simultaneous removal of PTM risks and engineering of pH-sensitivity


WuXi Biologics offers engineering of antibodies with different Fc variants



Related services:


  • Binding affinity test to Fc receptors, FcRn, C1q
  • ADCC/CDC assays

  • Sequence analysis
  • PTM sites removal in parallel with other antibody optimization tasks, such as humanization or affinity maturation