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Chris Chen

China: the Next Frontier for Biologics

As China is the largest developing country with a dramatically aging population, the need for new medicines to treat cancer and other diseases is becoming urgent. Regulators, the pharmaceutical industry, and policy makers are working together to address both affordability and availability of these new medicines—especially mAbs. In this article the authors discussed the newly published CFDA guidelines on biosimilars and major regulatory reforms to drive innovation in China. Additionally the authors also reviewed the current landscape of biologics development in china. (Read more)


An Interview with Dr. Paul Liu, Vice President and Head of Biosafety Testing Services in Suzhou China

WuXi Biologics expands its biosafety testing capacities by adding a new facility in Suzhou, China.  The 38,000 sq. ft. facility has been operational since December 2014 and provides viral clearance studies, cell line characterization and lot release testing services.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Paul Liu, Vice President and Head of this new biosafety testing facility,  to learn more about him and the future of biosafety testing services in China. (Read more)


Overcoming Challenges in Developing Antibody Drugs Against Immune Check Point Targets – An Interview with Dr. Jing Li, Vice President of Biologics Discovery

In May, Dr. Jing Li, Vice President of WuXi Biologics, presented to approximately 175 attendees at the Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s (CHI) 11th Annual PEGS Essential Protein Engineering Summit at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. This week we sat down with Jing to continue the discussion on the topic of overcoming challenges in developing antibody drugs against immune check point targets. (Read more)

Dr. Jiawen Han

Developing a Novel ADC for Global Market via Innovative Three-party Collaboration – An interview with Dr. Jiawen Han, Vice President of ADC Technology

Recently, Dr. Jiawen Han, Vice President of ADC Technology at WuXi Biologics, presented at the 1st DIA China Drug Discovery and Innovation Conference. This week we sat down with Dr. Han to provide a synopsis of his talk and discussion on the various challenges and approaches to developing novel ADCs for the global healthcare markets and to gain further insight on the case study he presented. (Read more)


Interview with Steve Farmer, Senior Director at WuXi Biologics

Interview with Steve Farmer, Senior Director at WuXi Biologics, where he discusses with Bio-Rad approaches to continuous manufacturing and the risks associated with scaling-up biologics manufacturing from clinical scale to commercial scale.


A Right First Time Approach – Interview with Steve Farmer from Bio 2017

Pharma’s Almanac interviews Steve Farmer, Senior Director at WuXi Biologics at the 2017 Bio Conference.