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Achieve 10x Greater Productivity                                                                                 

The WuXiUP process platform is a key breakthrough in biologics continuous manufacturing. A single 1,000 L disposable bioreactor can produce more than 30 kg of mAb per batch while delivering similar purification yields as compared to traditional purification processes. Using the WuXiUP platform, approximately 500 kg of mAb therapeutics could be produced per year providing similar productivity as traditional 10,000-20,000 L stainless steel bioreactors. Other WuXiUP features include:

  • Process technology platform that couples Repligen XCell™ ATF System technology with continuous direct product capture

  • Ideal not only for labile or difficult to express proteins but also mAbs, Fc-fusion proteins etc.

  • Enables higher productivity with rapid development, scale-up and implementation at large scales

  • Continuous approach effectively reduces manufacturing cost of goods



Comparison with traditional fed-batch

  • Achieves similar production cell culture timelines with high cell concentrations and viability and better or comparable product quality profiles

  • Tunable glycan and charge variance profiles, usually with reduced HMW and LMW

  • Able to reduce media consumption and harvest volume due to higher viable cell concentrations (VCC) and lower cell specific perfusion rates

  • Higher production facility efficiencies leading to lower COGs


Lab scale

  • 48 x ATF2, w/ 1-15L bioreactor
  • Dedicated DeltaV control system (Finesse)

Pilot scale (non-GMP)

  • 2 x ATF4, w/15L and 50L bioreactors
  • 3 x ATF6 w/ 50-250L bioreactors

Clinical GMP production

  • 2 x 250L w/ ATF6 (Wuxi MFG1 Facility)
  • 1 x 250L w/ ATF6 & 1 x 500L/1,000L w/ ATF10 (Available Mid-2019 Shanghai MFG3 Facility)

Commercial GMP production

  • 2 x 1,000L w/ ATF10 (Wuxi MFG2 Facility)
  • 3 x 2,000L w/ ATF10 (Available H2-2019 Wuxi MFG4 Facility)

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WuXi Biologics Achieves Breakthrough Titer of 51g/L in Cell Culture Productivity