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Advanced process development using automated micro bioreactors shortens timelines and provides process solutions for a rapid scale up

Jincai Li, PhD, Vice President of WuXi Biologics; Liang Tang, PhD, Vice President of WuXi Biologics

September 14 2018 | 75 mins

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Strategies for Continuous Bioprocessing

Speakers: Weichang Zhou, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Biologics Development and Manufacturing; Hang Zhou, Ph.D., Director of Cell Culture Process Development, WuXi Biologics

There has been a growing interest in continuous processing for biologics manufacturing. Compared to traditional batch technologies, continuous bioprocessing offers more flexibility and can improve product quality and lower the costs of production. This webinar will discuss:

  • The drivers behind the rising utilization of continuous bioprocessing technologies
  • The challenges in building an integrated continuous processing platform
  • The Strategies for developing an ATF™-based high density perfusion cell culture system and scaling-up from 2L to large scale
  • The solution for designing a continuous product capture unit operation

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

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New Process Development Workflow Shortens Timelines Enabling Rapid Scale Up

Speakers: Dr. Jincai Li , Vice President of Process Development, WuXi Biologics
Dr. Barney Zoro, Product Manager, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

In this webinar Dr Jincai Li will discuss how the new development workflow delivers accurate clone selection, powerful DOE optimisation and scaleup tools, improving predictions and reducing timelines. Dr Li will highlight how the ambr® 15 system works for a better clone selection and feeding / product quality studies; discuss how the ambr® 250 high throughput system accurately matches benchtop VCC, titre and metabolite profiles, and present on the fast, predictive scale up to production scale single use STR bioreactors.

Dr Barney Zoro, Product Manager at Sartorius Stedim Biotech, will provide a brief introduction and overview of the ambr® 15, ambr® 250 high throughput and Biostat® STR platforms .

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Pioneering Approaches to Dismantling Cancer

Cancer continues to be a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide with more than 8 million deaths and 14 million new cases per year. Significant advances have been made to unravel cancer’s mysteries and complexities at the genetic-, molecular- and pathway-levels. These advances not only reveal new scientific insights into the biology of the diseases, but also herald a new era with fresh perspectives for prevention, diagnosis, and more effective, precision-driven therapies. In this complimentary live webinar, open to life science professionals globally, WuXi brings together scientific and executive leaders from the pharma, biotech and the venture capital communities to discuss “Pioneering Approaches to Dismantling Cancer.”

Presenter: James Audia, CSO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals
Philip Gotwals, Executive Director, Exploratory Immuno-Oncology, Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research
Jason Rhodes, Partner, Atlas Venture
Moderator: Richard Soll, SVP, International Discovery Service Unit, WuXi AppTec

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Break the CFDA Code:
Summary of Latest Changes and Impacts in China Regulatory Policies

The Chinese government (State Council) announced on Aug. 18th, 2015 to implement comprehensive reforms to China FDA (CFDA) review and approval system for drugs and medical devices. These reforms will have a profound impact on the entire health care industry in China, affecting both Chinese and foreign companies pursuing development and registration of drugs and medical devices in China. This webinar is designed to go through these reforms with our ex-China audience, analyzing and discussing potential implications and business impact to foreign companies, in order to help our clients to develop up-to-date and optimized business strategy and plan under the new regulatory environment in China.

Presenter: Hua Mu, M.D., Ph.D., SVP and Global Head of Product Development Service and Partnership Business Unit at WuXi AppTec
Moderator: Ricardo Panicucci, Ph.D., Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at WuXi AppTec

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Strategies for ADC Development

Speakers: Dr. Jiawen Han, Vice President of ADC Technology; Dr. Jun Wang, Executive Director of ADC Technology

This webinar will review the technical approaches of the past, current approaches and strategies for designing these complex cancer therapeutics and provide helpful case studies and tools for your own ADC development efforts. During the webinar, the speakers will:

  • Explain ADCs and its development history
  • Discuss current ADC development strategies, innovative approaches and technical challenges
  • Share success stories in ADC development for global regulatory filings
  • Explain how a single-source drug development model can streamline your path to clinical trials and beyond

Developing a More Efficient MAb Discovery Process

Speaker: Dr. Jing Li, Vice President of MAb Discovery Services

Historically it has taken the industry 20-30 months from the start of the monoclonal antibody (mAb) discovery process to final selection of lead drug candidates.  With increasing pressures to meet timelines and the need to conserve financial resources the demands to efficiently and effectively discover your final mAb therapeutic candidate has never been greater. This webinar will answer that question by evaluating an integrated mAb discovery process which utilizes multiple technology platforms to improve the quality of therapeutic lead candidates.  In addition, using an integrated project team and reducing the number of vendors to speed the time to lead antibody candidate selection will be discussed. Case studies will be presented.

Rapid Protein Expression and Stable Cell Line Development

Speakers: Dr. Weichang Zhou, Sr. Vice President of Bioprocess Development; Ms. Jill Cai, Executive Director of Cell Line Development

This webinar will discuss utilizing various expression systems for rapid production of milligram-to-gram scale proteins to support research material generation and early-stage program development needs. We will also present and compare regulatory-compliant mammalian cell line development platforms for manufacturing various biopharmaceuticals including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant and fusion proteins.

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities in Rare Disease R&D

One in every ten Americans has a rare disease, a health condition by definition that afflicts fewer than 200,000 people per year in the United States and collectively affects an estimated 25 million people. Treatment options are few as only 400 FDA-approved drugs are available to treat the diverse spectra of 7,000 rare diseases.  In this complimentary live webinar, WuXi brings together key thought leaders and players to explore the unique challenges and opportunities in the search for effective therapies to address this large unmet medical need.

Our distinguished panelists include:
Philip Reilly, Venture Partner, Third Rock Ventures
Alexandra Glucksmann, COO, Editas Medicine
Gerald Cox, VP of Clinical Development, Genzyme, a Sanofi company
Phil Vickers, Global Head of Research and Development, Shire
Richard Soll, SVP of International Discovery Service Unit (IDSU), WuXi AppTec (moderator)

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